Ten Good Reasons Why Assignments Are Bad For Students

Students and parents tend to believe that there is no significant usefulness of assignments even though teachers and other academic instructors make sure that they change this belief. You are right to think that assignments are not necessary, and they are also bad for students. Although there are few advantages of assignments, it is pertinent to note that there are several reasons (most of which are detrimental to student) why assignments are bad for students. Here are ten good reasons why assignments are bad for students:

  1. Copying Habit: This is common among students who feel they cannot do their assignments without the help of others, that’s why they choose to buy assignment help rather than to do it by their own. These students resort to copying from their colleagues, and with time, this act becomes a habit.
  2. Depression: Assignments are potential causes of depression among students. Depression may arise when a student is unable to complete an assignment or when there is poor performance. Depression can reduce the quality of a student’s life.
  3. Reduces Study Time: Too much time is usually spent on assignments, and this significantly reduces the time a student spends on studying. A reduction in study time can lead to a reduction in academic performance.
  4. Difficulty: Most assignments are usually to difficult; in some cases, it may require the help of a teacher. When students are faced with challenging assignments, they remain stuck at a point without knowing what to do.
  5. Little or No Family Time: Assignments can significantly reduce the time that student has to spend with their family. When family time decreases, the family bond also reduces. Eventually, a student becomes a stranger at home.
  6. Hate Work: Giving a student too much work or assignments would only make that student grow rebellious and develop hatred for the work. Recall that too much of everything is bad.
  7. Statistical Evidence: It has been proven that assignments do not contribute to a student’s academic development. You never learn anything from an assignment.
  8. Stress: Assignments, especially when in excess leave not only the students but the parents stressed out. Too much stress can have adverse effects on the health of students which will eventually lead to poor academic performance.
  9. Imbalanced Covering: There is an uneven covering of subjects and topics. Assignments only cover a segment without touching other parts. The ultimate goal of learning which is student’s development is not achieved this way.
  10. Miss Out on Friendships: Too many assignments make students to always sit indoors. They do not get the opportunity to make friends outside schools. This has a long-term effect on students in that they grow without having awareness on what happens outside their homes and schooling environment.

Assignments were designed to help augment and improve students’ academic performance; however, looking at these reasons above, one can confidently conclude that the academic performance of a student would not improve when you give them assignments. The reverse is what the student ends with in addition to a reduction in health and quality of life.

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