High School History Assignments Don’t Have To Be Boring

One of the biggest problems that many high school students have with their history classes is that they find the subject matter boring. But that does not mean that a history class has to be boring. You can plan various fun assignments that might be more interesting to your students. Here are a few of the most popular options you can utilize when producing the most interesting history assignments:

  • Have students analyze editorial cartoons from the past or present. Have students see how certain ideas being illustrated relate to what is happening today.
  • Plan a role-playing session where students will reenact historical events or interactions between people. Students can learn about how certain circumstances led to those events.
  • Create a fictional newscast that looks back at historic events of all kinds. Students will want to work on these newscasts so they can illustrate many things that took place in the past.
  • Have students look at how certain news stories from around the world are developing and what types of local impacts those stories have. This helps students to understand the value of governmental affairs and international relations. Points on how certain stories might cause dramatic changes in society of time may help as well.
  • Plan posters or other large-form displays that illustrate as many things about one subject or event as possible. See how many details students can come across and lay out on a large display board. You can also ask a student to explain what makes those points being introduced so valuable.
  • Create maps that show many things that took place in the past. You can use this when talking about certain places in the world where armed conflicts took place in. Some maps may also show how a country evolved based on lands an empire conquered, how certain areas were annexed, or when specific parts of a country might have split off from a major body. The project shows how an area evolved while looking into what caused the evolution to take place.
  • Establish a timeline that illustrates when certain events took place within a particular subject during a specific timeframe. This gives students an idea of how far removed events may be from one another or to see when certain actions might have changed things. The timeline can be as long as one wants it to be in a class.
  • Plan a creative writing project relating to history. A creative writing task might include something where a person writes about events that took place in the past. This could include what a person involved in a situation might have felt at the time. Students can write about soldiers in war and what they might have noticed at the time, for instance.

Using these history assignment ideas is smart for helping to make your class more entertaining and memorable. Students will have an easier time enjoying their history studies when they participate in assignments that are more unique or entertaining in any form. Also, why not apply for the quality assignment help?

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